Funny and relatable as it may sound this is the truth of the Indian society. The title meaning that the brides mother hasn't taught her anything. In the eyes of mother in laws our mothers being the most uneducated have successfully past on the legacy of being untrained and ill mannered to their daughters.Therefore we not being able to handle the house, the money or their son as efficiently as they did(the mom in laws).

Do all of you reading this realise that this is not a hypothetical situation or have i taken you back into your world. This is a general narration of the world of mom in laws vs daughter in laws. I think this not only happens in our country but the others too. Since i live here i talk about us.

Do moms of sons think that they are God and there is no one equivalent to them. That no one can make the world a better place for their son apart from them. My question is then why do you get them married. Gift wrap them(the son) and put them in the best shelf you have in your living room. Dust them daily and polish them clean for them to shine in front of guests and for you to admire them placed right in front of your eyes. Wondering why i call them show pieces??  I  guess not because I'm sure 80 percent of you can relate to this at least once in a lifetime.

I don't understand how a lady who has given birth to her son and no one in the world can change that fact be so insecure of another lady who has just come into their home, who by the way if at all is already scared and uncomfortable in your world of strangers. Are those 20-25 years not assuring enough that he is your son and will remain your son. Cant we add to the fact that now he has a companion in the form of a wife. Who will after you(because no one is immortal) be the only one caring for him like he was a part of her.

Why does a daughter in law have to come into a family and instantly understand the system your house is run on?? Why does she have to instantly connect to all the relatives and fake a liking towards them?  Wherein the fact is she doesn't even know them enough to judge them leave alone like them. A girl who has just stepped out of a cocoon she has lived in for so many years, pampered in for so many years is expected to change the minute she walks into your life. Yet you cannot even change one habit for her or adjust to the fact that maybe she is also scared to wake up the next day in a house she hasn't lived in for the most of her breathing days.

If we were able to get up and try and manage our careers at our houses while being pampered by our mom's by just a cup of CHAI tea  in the morning. Then yes i am pampered. Don't you do it for your son or haven't you done it for your daughter. Expecting us to learn to be "responsible" in one day?. The day you enter the house the relatives start, "Ab tum hi ko ghar dekhna hai"(Now you have to watch the house and manage). Why was the house run by BLIND GOONS before i stepped into it.

So if im not able to be the much awaited, never paid MAID you wanted then yes "MERI MA NE MUJHE KUCH NAHI SIKHAYA"

P.S. - If the Indian Bahu's adapt the behaviour of the Indian maids. let me tell you dearies you would be seeing rainbows in front of your eyes 24 x 7. 


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