Breastfeeding....The Fear of the Unknown

So we see the stick and we know we are going to have a beautiful baby. There are tears of joy. Lots of Yahoo's and Yippees in some cases. It is truly one of the most beautiful and life changing things that can happen to you. After the stage of  Yahoo's come the stage of Advice's. Advice's about how to sit, how to stand, how to walk , how to sleep, what to eat and so on. Everybody tells you about the nine beautiful yet not so easy months. But what next????
Therefore the title, Breastfeeding ...The Fear of The Unknown.

Well so all you know or imagine in these nine months is that breastfeeding will be an unusual feeling. We all read and watch videos on delivering a baby and what all to do in these nine months so that we can have a healthy baby. Anyone who watched a video on BREASTFEEDING??? No one. Someone???

OK so let me help you out. I am a new mom and can share the latest experience with you. When i was pregnant with my son i never knew what breastfeeding could feel like although there may be many women who must have read a lot about it but i hadn't. So, all i thought was how strange and ticklish it would feel. And how i didn't want to feed in public. Oh yeah and those beautiful misleading pictures of women smiling away feeding their newborn.

But let me tell you......Oh! no no no no its not something you will smile about in the beginning. So, after you give birth and that whole experience you went through, thinking its all over now (the hard part)...and its the end and all. No! its actually the beginning . Its the beginning of you raising and helping develop the face or the mind of the future. Lets then talk about breastfeeding. Once you are out of the theatre or delivery room you get your time with the baby ,all smiling and enjoying. When a nurse will walk in and say " Come on, sweetheart its time to feed the baby". They help you with the latch and you start feeding.

Initially its a bliss, Wow I'm a mommy feeling and you wait for the next turn for feeding. Slowly that smiling bliss turns to a tingly feeling then it turns to pain then it turns to blisters and tears of pain not joy. Now see we are not used to it. It can be very tasking for us to feel tired, be at 24x7 service and then feed with pain. Its frustrating and can lead some women into postpartum depression.

Some women give up at that point and start giving top feed(Formula). But top feed is worse it has all the chemicals or preservatives to keep it alive till the box empties up. Then there is sterilization of bottles and this and that. See you wont have the physical pain anymore. But the emotional stress of seeing your baby getting colicky or sick now and then due to top feed would be disheartening. If you can be strong and feed your baby baring all that pain. You will emerge a fighter . Your baby will have no sickness due to milk and hygiene. You will have the best bond with your baby. Your baby will have the best immune system.

AND THE PAIN...OH YEAH WHAT'S THAT????. Its goes away in some days and if you don't feed your baby you will miss him as in you will want for him. It will be your reflex action to pick up your baby and feed him/her. Plus if you don't feed you get even pain due to full breasts.

So, take my advice and enjoy the moment while you have it. Time flies by and never comes back.


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