A Mothers Most Hated Enemy....Fever!!!

The most common devil in several disguises....is Fever!!! It has several variants coming from several sources.

It can be heartbreaking and mentally disturbing to see a fever crop up in your babies regardless of their age, but specially more so with babies who haven't started talking yet.As adults it is so difficult for us to bare even a slight fever let alone a fully scaled one. It leaves our bodies breaking, heads aching for a long period. We do not even wish to eat or talk to anyone.

But can you guess what a babies raised temperature leaves us doing?. It leaves us wondering. It leaves us thinking is she /he okay. Do they have a headache? Do they have body pain? Its frustrating and annoying at the same time. Perhaps worse than the body aches we get during fever.

When you know your baby cant tell you whats wrong. You go crazy just trying to guess what all is the child facing. I personally used to always get paranoid. I would say if only i could know whats he feeling. Or how nice it would have been if he could tell me "Mom I'm having a headache or Body Pain". I t would spare me the anxiety. But you know that this will happen when time comes. So what to do now?

Here you are going bonkers as you don't know what to treat your baby for. Should i massage his hand and feet or his head. Since i faced a lot personally in would like to share what all i did and what all helped me as a new and inexperienced mother.

My son was born in the summers and by the time winters came he was already 6months. Atleast he was out of the "Very Fragile Stage". I still hadn't realised how just a small thing like fever could just take me off guard. So the winters entered and suddenly one night i feel my son's head is feeling a little hotter than usual. I thought maybe his body was fighting against the oh so cold weather. So i claded him in a little more extra clothing. Then a little into midnight i realise that he was literally burning and i decide to wrap him up Even more.

Then suddenly out of the blue i just remembered that when i was a baby and my mom was young a similar thing Had taken place and when my mom went with me to the doctor all claded . The doctor harshly asked my mother why she had claded me up so much o rise my temperature. So remembering that i started stripping off the extra clothing. But we still couldn't come to terms that in this cold we have to keep him even minus a sweater.

So that night passed and i went to the doctor first thing in the morning and he told me the same thing open him up he said. Then the second most important thing is to put water. room temperature not cold water on he baby having fever. This will 110 percent bring the fever down, enough to understand the root cause of it. You have to apply water as if you are putting oil on someone. This help bring the temperature down. Plus the third most important thing is to have the prescribed medicine always in the house, and to give the right dosage and at the right time. The timing is quite crucial. There is a certain time gap you need to keep between two doses which you will see by the end of those hours the fever is cropping up again. so i personally give my baby the medicine half an hour before the time gap hours are about to end. This is what i do.I Don't expect anyone to follow suit but it surely helps. Its like hit the devil before it hits you. Your babies fever can really break you down. But by time i realised there are a few steps to combat this devil and if you know these you will be able to help your baby in no time.

The Steps Are:

  1. Buy a Digital Thermometer : As when you are paranoid you wont be able to know exactly where that damn mercury line is going and these (digital thermometers) are more specific.
  2. Strip Extra Clothing: Immediately strip of unnecessary clothing. So that the rising heat can come down.
  3. Prescribed Medicine: If you have the medicine that you doctor had prescribed give them that in a low dosage of course as you still want to see your doctor before self medicating your baby. This is only if its night time and you know you will only be able to get an appointment in the morning. If this is your first time with this devil (fever) then you must see a doctor no medication until then. And no, Crocin is not the solution. Don't become a doctor yourself.
  4. Start Sponging(Sponge Bath): Immediately start sponging your baby with an almost dry absolutely soft cloth. Water should be room temperature and fans and air conditioners and coolers should not be on while sponging. Try sponging the heels and the feet or under the feet.

These will help you bring down the fever in no time. Now let me help you to know your enemy and be alert and prepared

  1.  Notice Symptoms: Try looking out for signs of fever. Like sneezing or random cough or maybe lethargy,unusual sleepiness or being less active. 
  2. Don't Switch Temperatures: Try not to immediately change the temperature for your baby. Like when you go from one room to another the temperatures are also different in each room.Try not to be in and out of Ac's.
  3. Don't be Overcareful Or Careless: Don't pile on too many clothes during winters or Give cold water during summers. Also don't think that in the winters sitting in the sun is an excuse to strip your baby off warm clothes the slight cool winds also effect your baby.
  4. Nursing Mother's Need to be Cautious: A nursing mother needs to follow more rules than then anyone else. As what you do directly effects your baby. So be careful and take all prevention methods.
  5. Don't Bathe if not Important: Its nothing o be embarrassed about if you haven't given your child a bath. If you feel the weather is chilly an you don't want to take a chance. Follow your instincts and just sponge if you too particular.Its better to avoid a bath than t have an unwell baby and be traumatised by not being able to communicate with your baby about  his or her current situation.
These are according to my experience's. This is what helped me. All mothers have different suggestions which you can tell me in the comment section as i guess its best to help and support each other to help increase knowledge for the betterment of our little sweethearts. I'm telling you if even one method helps you my purpose of writing this post will be solved.


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