Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) The silent killer.

SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
According to me and the research i had done as a mother is a very rarely known disease in India next to zero awareness. Why? is the big question. Why don't people touch this topic is it because it is against our religious beliefs or traditions or the lack of trying to research on things. Yes, there must be so many learned ones out there who might think what is this writing of course we know what SIDS is. But they are the ones who take the precautions not the ones who lose their child, the ones that lose their child don't even know why it happened to their baby, as doctors don't easily pronounce the cause of death as SIDS.

So, first let me tell you what SIDS is then we will discuss in detail.

What is SIDS? (According to me)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as SIDS. This disease does not have any specific symptoms so doctors have just surveyed the most found characteristics in relatable deaths and formed the list of symptoms. So, basically no one knows what the exact symptoms are and maybe be that's the reason why doctors think of SIDS as the last option in the case of a baby's death.SIDS mostly happens to children in the first 6 months of a babies life. the time frame for day one to up untill babies are 2 years old is extremely fragile. SIDS is actually the lack of feeling or sensation of overheating or over cooling in a baby's brain. Some babies brain's are not able to send the message to there bodies that its overheating and that causes death in infants.A baby might look absolutely normal and can still be at risk of SIDS it is the most dangerous thing because it remains unknown until it takes place. I saw that there was nearly no awareness, no campaigns for this disease. There were many stars helping in eradicating many diseases, but I did not see even one ad on TV creating awareness on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Can you tell me why? Do we somehow assume that this will not happen in India and it can only happen in foreign land. Do we assume that sleeping with our baby in the same room and on the same bed can prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The answer to that is,absolutely not. So before assuming that we are doing the right thing let me give you some further knowledge on this with an experience that I have seen happening with somebody. So, as I mentioned that there is little to no awareness in India about SIDS, I came across some people who had a baby, who is the first child and were so excited and so happy that the world new no bounds.On the 6th day there is a ceremony that takes place for young children (6th day of the birth of small babies) according to some traditions in India. All the preparations were done. The baby was absolutely happy, the parents were happy, the grandparents were happy, the Neighbours were happy, the relatives were happy in the morning.The mother laid the baby to sleep so that he is well rested for the evening function and after sometime they noticed that the baby has gone into deep sleep. (hope you know what I mean). The Lost child was a healthy child of a healthy mother born in a healthy family just gone in seconds, in minutes. Do you think they tried to find out what happened?. No, they did not. The relatives blamed the mother of not taking care properly. A woman who has just given birth, goes through so many things. She is in pain, she has to take care of her baby, she has to take care of herself, to take care of her family. That apart from being paranoid about her baby every second.Do you think she would take care of her baby in such a manner that she could lose him. I don't think so. It breaks my heart every time I think of that situation. Did they even ask a doctor what went wrong? Why would they want to go to the doctor with zero awareness about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This lack of awareness lead to that women going into deep depression, hospitalized just because people accused her for her baby's ill fate.The most sad incident you can think of. That is the reason I think I have to pick up this topic and make people understand how this can be prevented.The first thing that comes to our mind is that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome cannot happen to Indian children because they sleep in the same room with us and foreigners to make their children independent make them sleep in the other room and hence they do not know what's going on with their baby and end up losing their child. It can be a reason, but sleeping with your baby in the same bed can also lead to SIDS because a mother when she has given birth is also tired in pain and anything you can think of she is going through, that depression, pain,anxiety,always paranoid,always tired and sleepy and so is the father because he has to take care of his wife, his baby and go out for his work. So when you put your baby to sleep with you or in between you, you are so tired that you go into deep sleep whether you get 1 hours sleep or 2 hours sleep just the deep slumber and do you think in that sleep you go into a deep slumber. You wouldn't know where your hands, your legs, your bed sheet, your cover sheet, your quilt or your blanket is going. Don't you think your hands or legs or sheet can land on your baby's face with you fast asleep.The baby can be in between you and get heated with you covering him up and throwing extra covering on him unconsciously.Small babies cant move or tell you that they are uncomfortable.


So, some prevention methods for SIDS are Co Sleeping, Clear the Crib and BACK TO SLEEP.

First about back to sleep. So, back to sleep is a term that doctors took out in the 90's to encourage people to place their babies on their back when putting them to sleep.Reason if your baby accidentally turns on his stomach or you lay him on his tummy, the bedding under them omits carbon dioxide which the baby breaths in causing SIDS.So, always advice able to put your baby Back To Sleep.

Second, we all know that buying baby stuff is the most tempting thing for new parents. We want all the gear possible for babies even before they are born. We go out buy a crib which is soooo cute.Then we buy toys and pillows for their crib to make it even more adorable. I understand your love for decorating but keep them only when your baby is not in there. These toys can cause suffocation if your back accidentally turns over or by chance the toy lands on his face and then the baby is unable to remove it or turn back. Causing SIDS. So please clear the crib empty before putting your baby to sleep.

Third is Co-Sleeping, with a crib or bassinet adjoined to your bed.Extending your bed size put your baby to sleep in that(crib). As it is a new mother doesn't get any sleep you can keep getting up and checking feeding the baby. Even if the baby is crying calm her and lay her back in the crib. But do not put the baby between you OR in another room because the first two years of a child specially the first 6 months are the most delicate ones. So you have to be very careful in the first 6 months until the first two years but the first six 6 months are the one where you have to be very alert so my advice to you is to attach a crib to your bed,clear the crib, put your back baby to sleep and don't follow weird suggestions some people who have half knowledge will give. You have given birth to your baby, you cannot live without your baby so why not take a small prevention method put it into action and keep your Baby Safe and completely prevent SIDS. I would love to know in the comment section about people who practiced any of these prevention methods. I have just listed some please let me know if there are any more and how many people have heard about more incidents of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I would generally like to know about all this to know how many people are aware of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So make sure to reply.


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